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Westcon-Comstor | IMAGINE 2023 logo in white

The Westcon-Comstor team has run Imagine very successfully in New Zealand for the past 15 years. Attendee numbers have grown by an average of 20% year on year, proving the Imagine formula resonates with our business technology audiences. 

Imagine 2023 will feature a series of visionary presentations and inspiring keynote speakers. We are engaging a diverse range of technology centric vendors so our attendees can experience new and innovative technologies in the Imagine Marketplace.

Industry thought leaders will also be available to offer advice on business challenges influencing New Zealand businesses, and technology solutions to solve these challenges.

To ensure Imagine 2023 is relevant to all business professionals, delegates will be able to create their own workshop agenda to suit their key focus areas, via the Imagine App.

Silent Seminar sessions running throughout the day will feature current and future technology innovations to accelerate today’s businesses.

Imagine 2023 will be a full day event. 

Minds, technology and innovation converging

Well run event, it was great to move it online, it also makes it much more convenient to attend and accessible to people across the country who otherwise wouldn't attend.


It made presenting a breeze and was one of the best virtual events I have participated in.

Vendor Speaker

Congratulations to you and all involved in your team in pivoting to a digital format without compromising the experience and relevance on IMAGINE! Proud to be a supporter and vendor.


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