Network Analytics

Fix problems, improve performance and gain valuable insights for all sizes of networks

Adam Radford - Distinguished Systems Engineer, Cisco

Tired of users blaming the network for everything? Blaming the network for excessive onboarding times, slow-performing applications or bad weather? Or are you overwhelmed by the number of messages coming from your network devices? Or do you have better things to do with your time and money than spend at least 43% of your IT OPEX budget on troubleshooting?

Analytics allows you to tame the hurricane of data your network is generating, and transform this flow into meaningful information, which is then displayed as actionable-insights, to allow for faster issue identification, root-cause analysis, guided troubleshooting and ultimately, self-remediation. Come and see how Cisco DNA Assurance (the user-interface to our analytics engine) leverages analytics to automatically identify the root causes of issues and much more.

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