Dr Jordan Nguyen Keynote Presentation

Biomedical Engineer, Inventor and Technologist

Dr Jordan Nguyen, is one of Australia’s most innovative engineers who is committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible, and to help become a driving force behind both human and technological evolution as we move into the future. 

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Jordan designs life-changing technologies to transform the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly through his role as founder of Psykinetic, a social business committed to bringing positive, sustainable and life-altering change, and shares his adventures through documentaries across the world. Inspired by human endeavour, Jordan has big ambitions to see our world step consciously and creatively into a better future. 

Jordan is Founder and CEO of Psykinetic, a start-up social business aimed at creating futuristic, inclusive and empowering technologies to improve independence and quality of life. Currently focussing on disability and aged care, Jordan and his team have successfully created a mind-controlled wheelchair, Virtual and Augmented reality rehabilitation and inclusive gaming, an instrument that enabled a friend with cerebral palsy to play music with her eyes and blinks, and devices that make it possible to control household appliances or even drive cars using only the tiny electrical signals created from eye movements. 

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